Oops we did it again...

Or rather "we didn't" :(

Both me and Ramalooke have failed to do our jobs here @App-fight. I had to post a review of our second fight contestant, and Ramalook had to post a badge for the last week's winner: Aliens Invasion

Shame on us!


Best App Fight #2 "The Best Android Medieval-Themed Tower Defence"

Hi there,

A bit later than announced, but here I am to present the second category of our App-Fights.

We've decided that the second category will be  "The Best Android Medieval-Themed Tower Defence" because we've recived a very nice request from a developer (our first one). Also it happens that the game we have to review is actually very good!

It means that we're currently searching for the second medieval-themed tower defence for Android. I hope we can find it before weekend so we could start the next battle on Sunday.

Until next time,


Game Fight #1 - Results: The time has come...

Hello, hello...

After the poll it's time for summary.

What is the most important, we (the appfight crew) were not the only voters. You've helped us to make the choice with your votes.

Long story short Ladies and Gentlemen, the title of:

"The Best Free, Android, Move & Fight Adventure Game"

  goes to...

Aliens Invasion

(fireworks, "we are the champions theme" etc.)

It's not a surprise for me, that Aliens Invasion has massacrated the Angry Zombie Killer. Aliens game is supreme to Zombie one in every way. The votes of the Judges confirm it:

Aliens Invasion - 9 votes
Angry Zombie Killer - 1 vote (missclick or mercy?)
Total votes cast: 10

Ramalooke is working on a prize for the winning app, and soon it will appear on Aliens Invasion page. Also, Myth will announce next fight category sometime this week.

Till then,
Geezotto out.